Pricing for Pre-Designed Cards Only

You can order Pre-Designed Photo Cards sets for a special price - see that tab for details.

Pricing For Special Orders

  • You can also order  Custom Designed Photo Cards sets.
  • I have a basic rate of $30.00 per hour for my services. This includes email time, research, the creation of your product, drafts submitted for your approval, requested changes to the product, billing via PayPal and final submission to you of your product.
  • Basic orders will be charged a minimum of $30.00, with incremental charges for each half hour incurred thereafter. 
  • Most basic orders (such as 3 cards with the same photo and message) can be completed in an hour. However, complicated requests will result in higher costs. For example, if the image you request is uniquely specialized, it might take me longer to find it. Or if you request me to write your message and then you ask for several changes to it, it might result in higher cost.
  • All monies will be USD.
  • All charges will be based on the complexity and requirements of your order.
  • Basic orders are 3 simple cards with the same photo and message in 3 forms - 1 Instagram, 1 Facebook, and 1 Twitter card. However, I can do any combination of cards with the understanding that the more complicated the order, the greater the cost. 
  • ​You will be required to submit a non-refundable payment before work begins (amount will be determined at that time). This money will be deducted from the final bill due for your cover.

Other types of projects

  • Book Covers - see that tab above.
  • Banners for Twitter or Facebook
  • Book trailers visit for examples
  • Other items you might need

Special Note: I will not accept orders for cards to be used for any controversial entity or purpose.